Cookbook review – “Blissful Bites”

Curry Chicken-less Salad

Have you ever picked up a cookbook and immediately started drooling just looking at the pictures?  Would you get even more excited if the book contained mostly low-fat, very healthy foods?  Then read on because I have just the cookbook for you!

Author Christy Morgan (private chef and cooking instructor for celebrities in LA) has compiled a fantastic cookbook full of her vegan/low-fat creations called “Blissful Bites”. Like all well-rounded cookbooks it has a bit of everything from breakfast to main courses to dessert, including a surprising section on sea vegetables.  Another major plus is her organization based on seasonally available produce.  You can flip within any section, say proteins (legumes) and then go directly to the season to pick a recipe.  And lastly any good cookbook must contain lots of mouth-watering photos for inspiration.  This is an absolute must for me. Blissful Bites doesn’t disappoint!

So how do the recipes taste?  So far a hearty thumbs up from everyone.  I made the curry chicken-less salad, un-tuna salad, chewy granola bars, and orange-sesame vinaigrette for a small group of people who raved about the food.  Jumping Bean also tasted everything and gave her stamp of approval.  I thought the un-tuna salad tasted very similar to my mother’s potato salad which is good.  My only tweak was a bit of dill weed to give it a touch of class.

Un-tuna Salad

Overall I feel this is a solid cookbook for both beginning and experienced plant-based cooks.  Hope you all enjoy it as much as I have!

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